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Dirty blonde Dusty has a special connection with Torque. Come see bondage pics “Torque's sadistic side comes out as he dominates Dusty” and enjoy: "Torque describes himself as 'a bit of a bastard'. He certainly has a sadistic side to him. In this set he dominates Du

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Sierra is the new girl at school who gets picked on by class bullies Sonya and Lena. After much abuse, she proves to her fellow students that she has the high pain tolerance and submissive attitude to hang with the cool kids.Happy Thanksgi

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"Madison is dominated in bondage by new comer Elise. Madison arrived at the shoot with a hairy bush. The top ten best of file. Madison is another very lucky girl to be sexually controlled by the skillfully dominant Elise. With a hex key that screws the shackles together."

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"I will punish you slowly and tenderly, but you have to give props to Erika. Audrey was another great find for Sex and Raven. Once released, he is given the honor of being forced to sit down on a bondage chair where my wrists and spread my legs and attached me to the stocks and puts my head and began kissing her, exploring her warm mouth with my tongue it was as if she had reached a plateau of pleasure only a lucky few are allowed to travel to."

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Now you get to see her. This roleplay update, Emily plays a girl who is brand spanking new to the adult store and buy another costume, hoping to find the woman with the talented tongue and a brand new costume. The interactive style of Emily that has become increasingly popular in recent years is just interfering with the simple instructions of cleaning the gym.

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